bastardous blog

it's been a minute


hey what's up it's ya boi. there's been a few things going on lately in my life, so the website's been kind of at the back of my mind. on top of life stuff, i've lost interest in digital art since i got a fancy set of escoda watercolor brushes for $3 at the thrift store. haha. so.

(mood, past me)

the teeth thing

surgery's been done and over for awhile now, couple of months maybe? my jaw bones are healing, and i'm waiting for those to finish doing what they do so i can get my dentures in. it's kind of weird being a 27 year old with dentures. but that's life, and genetics.


trying to get natural-looking texture in digital art makes me want to scream and shit my pants. it's a nice playground to practice anatomy and colour theory, but i'm mostly trained in watercolour. and irl mixed media. i'll gather together some pictures of the stuff i've been doing lately (junk journalling! plein air!) to post probably on the blog portion of this site.

im on arch btw

i thought webdev was the coolest thing ever until i realized editing the code in the browser makes it so everyone can see your changes on the feed! i craved that rush of being able to play with pretty colours and element positioning and everything. also, ubuntu was really heavy on my chromebook-based laptop. to cut down on RAM usage (and hopefully get my graphics card to play nicer with basic tasks), i got arch working on my computer. specifically endeavourOS, because i don't want to an arch install from scratch.

fr tho....i hate intel

idk. it's fun, and i love tinkering. i've always wanted a device that fits my exact specifications, because i'm pretty nitpicky. lo and behold i have further immersed myself into nerd culture. i suppose i was always meant to end up here.

what's going on with the shrines?

i still have a few things planned for the artsy portion of the website, but knowing myself, i can't really assign a timeframe to it or else my brain will throw a fit and not let me work on it. like at all. so those are on pause for the time being.

thanks for reading this post yall!!!! 37 followers and 25k views holy crap??? i never expected that many people to hit me up here. yall are great & neat people. this community really helped me embraced how much of a nerd/weirdo i am, and has lead to me letting go of a lot of stuff that was holding me back. maybe ill post about that sometime. who knows.